Kyle Goebel


A graduate of the University of Ottawa with a B.A. Honours in Communications and Business, Kyle is the President and founder of Luxe Auto Lounge. Not a stranger to the world of business, Kyle started his first company; Kyle Goebel Car Cleaning Services (KGCCS) while in high school and continued to expand and grow the company throughout his university career. Although KGCCS is no longer actively involved in vehicle care services, the Luxe Auto Lounge 'Auto Spa' has taken over where KGCCS left off. In addition, Kyle has also worked at numerous General Motors dealerships in both the service and sales departments.

In his spare time Kyle enjoys attending local car shows, traveling all over the world, driving, and becoming involved in various community-related events.

Car IconKyle currently drives a Pontiac Solstice.

Kieran Goebel


Having completed a degree in commerce with a specialization in finance at the University of Ottawa, Kieran is the Vice President at Luxe Auto Lounge. Having worked for KGCCS for several years, Kieran has developed a firm understanding of the various components of business from day-to-day operations, to strategic planning. Kieran works for both the Luxe Auto Lounge sales department and service department, ensuring that both departments operate in a flawless manner.

Car IconKieran currently drives a Buick Regal.


The Official Luxe Auto Lounge Mascot

Tim Eagles

Luxe Auto Lounge is proud to welcome Tim to our team. Tim is Luxe Auto Lounge's lisenced technician who handles all of our certified pre-owned vehicle inspections and reconditioning, as well as our retail mechanical service work and safety inspections.

Car IconTim currently drives a Mitsubishi Colt.

Joey Chiasson

Luxe Auto Lounge is proud to welcome Joey to our team. Joey is one of Luxe Auto Lounge's Licensed Technicians.

Hailey Goyer

Luxe Auto Lounge is proud to welcome Hailey to our team. Hailey is one of Luxe Auto Lounge's Vehicle Detail & Rust Check Technicians.

Matt McColl

Ryan Richard

Territory Manager for the Luxe Auto Lounge Dealer Services Division and Auto Valet Detailing Products