Interior/Exterior PackagesInterior detailing


  • clean windows and dash
  • vacuum interior
  • clean/powerwash rubber floor mats (4)
  • liquid deodorizer spray
  • detailed hand wash & dry
  • clean door sills/jambs/tires/rims
  • tire dressing

Car: from $99.99*
Truck/Van/SUV: from $119.99*
Add Wax: $49*


Everying in the Bronze Package, plus:

  • shampoo carpets, seats, floor mats & trunk
  • dash & trim conditioner

Car: from $179.99*
Truck/Van/SUV: from $199.99*
Add Wax: $49*


Everying in the Silver Package, plus:

  • spot-clean headliner
  • condition rubber floor liners
  • chemical paint decontamination
  • clay bar treatment
  • clean gas cap area
  • clean/polish exhaust tips
  • Rain-X windshield treatment
  • 1-step carnauba wax treatment

Car: from $249.99*
Truck/Van/SUV: from $269.99*
Gold Upgrade—includes addition of machine-applied paint sealant and fabric/leather protection: Only $69*


Everying in the Gold Package, plus:

  • fabric/leather & carpet protection
  • degrease, shampoo and dress engine bay
  • 3-step paint treatment
  • clay bar & paint decontamination (1 hr)
  • high-speed cleaning and polishing of paint
  • machine-applied paint sealant

Car: from $399.99*
Truck/Van/SUV: from $449.99*
Platinum Upgrade—includes addition of machine-applied carnauba finishing wax to painted surfaces and wheels after sealant & Rain-X on all exterior windows: Only $69*


Everying in the Platinum Package, plus:

  • Rain-X all exterior glass
  • Single-stage polishing of exterior painted surfaces
  • Application of Opti-Coat Gloss Coat semi-permanent Ceramic Coating (good for 3 years)

Car: from $999.99*
Truck/Van/SUV: from $1099.99*

Specialty PackagesSpecialty detailing

Quick Clean-Up

  • Clean windows and dash
  • Vacuum interior
  • Clean/powerwash rubber floor mats (4)
  • Shampoo front carpets and floor mats
  • Liquid deodorizer spray
  • Detailed hand wash & dry
  • Clean door sills/jambs/tires/rims
  • Tire dressing

Car: from $139.99*
Truck/Van/SUV: from $159.99*

Headlight Polishing

  • Sanding & high speed polishing of headlights to remove oxidization
  • Application of ceramic coating afterwards
  • Hand wash & dry
  • Tire dressing

from $199.99*

Odor Treatment

Must be used in conjunction with silver, gold, platinum or titanium detailing packages for optimal effectiveness

  • Ionizing odor treatment to remove odors

from $99.99*

Exterior PackagesExterior detailing

Hand Wash

  • Detailed exterior hand wash & dry
  • Remove bug residue
  • Clean tires/rims
  • Wipe door sills
  • Tire dressing

Car: from $39.99*
Truck/Van/SUV: from $49.99*

Wash & Wax

Everything in the Hand Wash Package, plus:

  • Clean interior/exterior windows
  • Machine-applied Carnauba wax treatment

Car: from $99.99*
Truck/Van/SUV: from $109.99*

Paint Sealant

Everything in the Wash & Wax Package, plus:

  • Clay bar/chemical paint decontamination
  • Machine-applied paint sealant (replaces carnauba wax)

Car: from $179.99*
Truck/Van/SUV: from $199.99*

Paint Protection

Everything in the Paint Sealant Package, plus:

  • Addition of single-stage exterior machine polish to improve gloss, depth & shine
  • Rain-X windshield treatment

Car: from $219.99*
Truck/Van/SUV: from $239.99*

Did you know?
Clay bars remove the dirt you cannot see and extend the life of your wax!

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